Granny Dating Defined

What Is Granny Dating?

The need to be loved, cherished and appreciated is a universal. So is the desire to have a fabulous time. Even as people grow older, these needs remain forever young. But sometimes, with age come circumstances which make people feel lonely, abandoned and starved for attention. Partners pass on, or walk away. Children grow up and leave home. As a result, people feel desperate for some adventure, romance and fun. This is where granny dating comes in.

Granny Dating Defined

Hot Granny Dating

Granny dating is a term which is used to describe dating between older women and younger men. Although there is no specific age limit, the term is often used when the women are 45 years and older. Sometimes, it is applied to women as young as 40. There is no age restriction to the men, but they are almost always younger than the women. The younger men as sometimes referred to as toyboys.

The term “toyboys” is not used in a derogatory way. It is just used to describe the fact that the men are a source of joy, excitement and delight to the women. But the women may as well be described as “toygirls” because they offer the men an equal amount of pleasure. Dating a granny is always mutually beneficial to all the parties involved, as can be seen by the popularity of websites like this.

Why Granny Dating

As hinted before, the need for love and affection never grows old. However, granny dating is not just about love. It is also about fun, adventure, flirting and simply having a great time. The older people involved are most likely people who have married, given birth to kids and even separated (or lost a partner). But not always! Sometimes, they are just oldies who like to have a jolly good time.

The younger people involved are often people who are looking to play their romantic or sexual fantasies with an older person. Sometimes, they are looking for the stability, self-confidence and maturity which only older women can give.

Therefore, granny dating serves to address the needs of both the older women and younger men. Each of the parties involved always has a clear objective in mind. They each play their part in ensuring that the other attains the highest levels of gratification.

How It Works

Granny dating typically works through a granny dating website. The website is usually very much like any other dating website: sign up, create profiles, search through profiles and contact prospective dates. The only distinction is the fact the women are almost always older than the men. Therefore, any man or woman who is interested in granny dating simply uses one of the websites. When they identify a perfect match, they can arrange to meet up, and what transpires is their private affair.

Why It Works

Unlike other types of dating, granny dating is almost always more honest in approach. The parties involved are seldom looking for “love” or a “lifelong” partner. They are almost always searching for a fabulous time. Therefore, the pretences that characterize other forms of dating are non-existent in granny dating. The parties involved are always clear on what they want, and they go for it. This is why it is highly recommended for any older woman, or younger man looking for fun, flirting, romance and sheer delight.